Happy Coast Recycling

A Food-Waste Recycling Non-Profit Organization

Our Process

Partnering with a Detroit-based composting service, we collect food waste from food centers, restaurants, and farmer's markets to keep spoiled produce from reaching the landfill and closing the carbon loop. We donate all materials to undergo an aggressive, multi-stage composting process that produces a compost suitable to grow the artisinal mushrooms and fresh produce that we offer back to you!

The Mushrooms!

We've found that Shitaake, Blue Oyster, Lion's Mane, and Piopinni mushrooms are the perfect combination of aggressive composter and delicious. We look forward to supplying your local restaurants and farmer's markets with these locally grown treats.

The Produce!

Sourced from our local farms, all produce will be grown in a patent pending soil that has been tested and conditioned for optimized organic growing conditions.