Happy Coast Recycling

A Food-Waste Recycling Non-Profit Organization

Our Current Projects

Keeping food waste out of landfills

By partnering with local food centers, farmer's markets, and eateries, we collect and compost spoiled produce and scraps to use in our patent pending composting process to create a truly unique soil, a product of years of research and testing. 

Removing invasive species

Another aspect of our community outreach involves the removal and disposal of Buckthorn, an invasive species of tree that invades the root zone and suffocates native foilage.

Our Ultimate Goals

Our primary goal is to fund land conservation efforts in Michigan, while aiding in the greening efforts in Detroit. We hope to gain enough traction to offer a pilot program for home pickup, similar to those that exist in other states.  We will use proceeds and donations to purchase and conserve wetlands and natural habitats of indigenous wildlife.